GESS LAB is situated in Mangalia, just steps away from the Black Sea.

We offer a lab that is fully equipped for microbiology and water chemistry as well as 

a large conference room with video projector that can seat up to 35 people.

Right behind the main building we have an underground bunker outfitted with specially built tanks connected to a pipe system that leads to a deep well of hydrothermal water that is rich in hydrogen sulfide, methane and ammonia. In this fashion we simulate Movile Cave habitat conditions that allow us to grow microbial mats and conduct other related research without having to unduly disturb the actual ecosystem.

Lodging is offered in two air-conditioned rooms on the upper floor that can sleep 5 - 8 people in bunk beds; on the lower floor there is a fully equipped kitchen, a common room with a dining table that seats up to 8 people and a full bathroom.

Reservations for space at the Lab can be made by contacting us. Priority is given to GESS

researchers and their visiting research partners, GESS members wishing to 

contribute time and effort to our educational and conservation endeavors and friends of 

GESS who wish to spend some time at the seaside, in that order.

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