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Movile Map & Cross Section
Entrance to Movile Cave
Getting ready
Serban Sarbu
At the top of the shaft
Jean-Francois descending the shaft
At the bottom of the shaft
Alexandra, Vlad & Cristi
Mihai collecting biofilm
Cristi between airbells
Collecting samples
Cristi & Mihai collecting specimens
Dysdera crocata
Archiboreoiulus n.sp.
Nepa anophthalma Juvenile
Agraecina cristiani
Cryptops anomalans
Trachelipus troglobius
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Schematic representation of microbial carbon, nitrogen and sulfur cycling in Movile Cave © adapted from Kumaresan et al (2014) Geomicrobiology Journal

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Movile Cave

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Jean-Francois descending the shaft